Crane 2S TransMount Image Transmittion Transmitter 2.0 – Feed and Gimbal Controls Not Working in App

by White Point Digital

February 11, 2022

So we purchased the Crane 2S Pro package which includes a variety of add-ons to use with our Nikon Z6. We were able to get the gimbal up and running, but when ran into trouble when trying to get the “TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter 2.0” up and running. (Yes – that is the actual name on the box – not exactly a “punchy” name – but I digress.)

We had two significant problems which took about 2 weeks to finally solve, so I am posting this in the hopes of saving you some time since support is awful at Zhiyun.  At this point, I must mention that the solutions to both problems are buried deep in the product documentation if you are inclined to read those manuals. But if like me you expect everything to be “intuitive” and “plug-n-play” you will need this info below.

Problem #1 – The video live feed would not work at all when using the app (The portion of the app dedicated to the TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter 2.0)

Solution #1 – We had the camera video settings set at a frame rate of 120 from the last time we used the camera. This product only supports frame rates up to 60, so we switched the video setting on the camera to 60fps and the feed worked!

Problem #2 – Now that the video live feed was working, we wanted to operate the gimbal through the app for the TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter 2.0. However the gimbal control was not appearing on the app interface. (Top Screenshot – no gimbal controls in the red box.)

Solution #2 – When we originally set-up the Crane 2S gimbal, we selected “Nikon” in the gimbal set-up menu – as you would expect. When operating the TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter 2.0, you need to go back into the gimbal camera settings and select “CCS” option in “Camera” settings. Once this is selected, the gimbal control appears which is a small white circle that shows control direction indicators when selected. (See bottom screenshot in red box.)

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