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by White Point Digital

August 4, 2023

Twitter Rebrands to X
Facebook / Meta Launches Threads
TikTok Adds Twitter-Like Content

July was a BIG month in the social media world, where we witnessed significant updates and introductions from notable social media platforms. If you have a case of whiplash from all the changes, it’s ok, we’re here to break it down for you and explain how these updates may affect your business.

Most of these updates involve “public conversation” forums which are the type of posts that we traditionally associate with Twitter. So now X – formerly Twitter – Meta, and TikTok are competing to see who can do the best job with public conversation forums.

Twitter Rebrands to X.
Twitter has rebranded their platform to simply “X.” With this change comes the removal of the famous bird logo. These changes are already in effect. You can see them on or if you update the app on your phone.

This rebrand is part of Elon Musk’s plan to create an “everything app” aka a “super app.” His goal is to build one platform encompassing all social updates, payments, banking, bookings, orders, messaging, etc. Others have built these types of apps which have done well in Asia, but no one has been able to create one that is truly global.

How does this affect your social strategy with White Point Digital?
As of now, these changes aren’t directly affecting our approach to X (Twitter.) However, only time will tell how the app sustains and how people perceive the changes. The platform may become less of a social media app, but it may open up many opportunities for your business in the future. For now, we’re keeping a close eye on all the updates Musk plans to roll out. As he progresses closer to completing his “everything app,” we will restructure our strategy for the clients utilizing this platform.

Meta Launches Threads App
As you may have heard, Meta (Facebook) introduced “Threads,” a new social media platform for sharing text updates and joining public conversations. Threads is very similar to X and reached over 100 million sign-ups within the first week it launched. The app is still in its early stages, but we’ve already mapped out a pros and cons list.

Threads is one of X’s biggest competitors right now. It’s still missing plenty of basic features and ad capabilities, but we are certain these will be available within the upcoming months.

How does this affect your social strategy with White Point Digital?
One benefit of Meta creating Threads is it’s directly linked to your Instagram account. You have the option of automatically following any Instagram followers who have an account on Threads. This will allow you to start quickly with the platform by connecting with your followers. Your Threads handle and account are already secured if you are our client and have an Instagram account. Unfortunately, no post-scheduling features currently exist, so we are not automatically adopting this platform into our services. Once that feature is available, we will assess your strategies and see how the platform fits into your plans.

That said, we do think it’s better to get a head start rather than try and play catch-up. Now is the perfect time to experiment, gain momentum, and connect with your “Threads” audience organically. If you are interested in adding the “Threads” platform to your program, let us know and we can develop a plan for your business. For those who want to wait until more brand-friendly features are available – we are monitoring changes. We will notify you when we recommend adding Threads to your social strategy.

TikTok Introduces Text-Only Posts
Just when you think you’ve seen it all, TikTok throws another hat in the “public conversations” ring and announces the addition of text-only posts as a new feature. TikTok, which is widely known for its short-form videos, expands on the scope of its platform by offering creators another means of sharing content.

How does this affect your social strategy with White Point Digital?
You can now diversify your content on this platform using text-only posts. And these posts aren’t just a bunch of words thrown into your followers’ feeds. You can spruce it up by adding sounds, music, stickers, hashtags, and/or tagging locations! TikTok is shifting its focus to become more than just a video platform, and we are adapting your strategies to account for the changes. Any clients utilizing TikTok will have some of their content repurposed as text-only posts. We are still in the experimental phase until we understand how these types of posts perform on the platform.

Who Will Win the Race?
We’re down to the wire… who will win the “public conversations” race? Will it be X, Threads, or TikTok? At this point, it could be anyone’s game, but we’re putting our money on you, the client. With each update and app introduction, we’re seeing more opportunities for you to connect with your followers! It’s all about playing your cards right and utilizing the platforms that are best for your business goals and target audience.

If you’d like to discuss how White Point Digital can help manage your social media content, contact us to set up a discovery call!

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