Android Auto Calendar Function Missing Again

Tuesday Mar 1, 2022

I noticed that the Android Auto calendar function has gone missing again this weekend. I like to paste the addresses for meetings in the calendar and pull those up as destinations in my car when I hit the road, but the function totally disappeared. Does anyone have info on this change?

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Three Things Every Business Owner Must Know About Google

Friday Apr 5, 2019

Three Things Every Business Owner Must Know About Google and 10 Great Google Tips

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HTTP Sites No Longer Secure?

Friday May 18, 2018

Perfectly legitimate sites that are not on a secure certificate in July will start being flagged as “not secure.” We can help.  

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The Difference Between SEO and SEM

Tuesday Jan 23, 2018

  Many of the business owners we talk with aren’t quite clear on this distinction. Before creating an online marketing strategy, it is important to iron out those differences. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Anything you do to grow your business by increasing your website’s visibility on search engines (like Google) falls under SEM.…

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